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Sunday, October 15, 2006

XBOX saga

Miaow devoted readers,

I trust you are all well? everyones fleas, worms, and STD's cleared up, hmmm? good, mew! Another lazy day for me (for a change) Donna went to Lamport Hall to a craft fair (Ohh, mew, posh or wot?) So she left at 930am, Ian crawled downstairs with another migraine and fed me. It was cool and foggy so relieved myself then retired back to bed with Ian, I'm sure my mewing worked wonders for his migraine, as he got up an hour later! maybe I have the Kitty healing touch? Ian went out in search of a new joypad for his Xbox, the left trigger failed yesterday, and despite Ian's usual ambitious repair attempts (read: prise open with screwdriver, shake it a lot, attempt to re-assemble, throw in bin!) we were joypadless, mew! how could we finish Half Life 2!!
Anyhoe this left me with the run of the house, I could of run riot, but, hey, I just fancied a snooze, mew. Ian got home with a new Joypad (a tacky chinky cheapo knock off job) around 3pm, and Donna returned an hour later (not from the craft fair, but a school auction) nothing for me, just some prezzies for Abi, and a tacky red gingham cushion for the sofa, gawd.. I'd seen enough, and retired to the patio to enjoy the late evening sunshine. Auntie Lizzie called 9ish, but only spoke to Donna! hiss, Ian was back in bed with a migraine. I'm perplexed why she didn't ask for me! after all I am the second most senior household member, mew! So a bit miffed about that! As I write, Ian has just got up (pointless, it's bedtime soon!) and Donna is trying to extend her Uni essay from 1000 to 3000 words by adding it's, but's, and's etc to bulk it out, mew, hopless! Well got to dash guys, just off the pester Ian for food, Miaow!

Love and purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxx


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shud have got a 360

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