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Monday, October 09, 2006

Norweigan cat stud

Miaow my little kittens, trust you are all well, no furballs, Fleas, Ticks or Lymes disease? good, mew! Well settle in your favourite spot for my latest juicy Kitty news.
Sorry my Blog was written by Ian and Donna yesterday, hope it didn't bore you too much, but I was indisposed, Miaow!
Recently I have met a red hot stud-muffin of a Tom called Thor, I first saw his hunky swagger on a web cam from Longyearbyen in Spitzberen, my delicate refined side was replaced by the chav-cat within us all, and I mewed " I'm gonna shag that tom" So anyhoe, armed with Donna's Gold AMEX, I flew business class from Luton Airport to Bergen (paw room sure is tight with BA, even for a size 6 Kitten like me, mew) then an internal flight north to Longyearbyen. It didn't take long to find Thor, there must of been 20 floozie Kitties following him around town, tarts! Hiss! But as soon as he saw me, he only had eyes for me! I think my pink spangled hotpants first caught his roving eye! (pity about the -24c windchill though, mew!)
Well he invited me back to see his etchings at his swany pad, sooo kewl! all blue shagpile and green Lava lamps. We chatted about his work, he works as a mouser at the docks, hasn't seen one yet, but you never know! Imagine now if you will, waves crashing onto the beach in a 1950's movie, to save me the embarassment of describing what happened for the next 4 hours, meeew!
To ensure Ian and Donna cope on their own, my cousin, Miffim-Wallop, who just happens to live here, has been kind enough to commute daily to the UK to keep an eye on them!
Well must dash folks, my tongue is still frozen to this lampost..mew mew!

Love and purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxx


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green lava lamps aid passion!

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