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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

CCTV solves Muffin-Willow mystery!

Hello, all of Muffins readers, we are again having to 'stand in for her' today, due to her absence. But at least the mystery is solved! Myself and Donna decided to Install CCTV in the garden to monitor Muffin's movements, the results were a revelation!
Muffin-Willow has been leaving the house in the morning, changing into a tighter fitting catsuit, and support briefs to make her butt appear smaller, then comming back into the house posing as her cousin Miffim-Wallop, the process it repeated in the evening in reverse! Why you may ask? Well, as me and Donna see it, it's to have a Kitty laugh and play us other off against each other. Muffin is very rude to Donna, and worships me, Miffim...well it's the reverse. This way Muffin is able to get twice as many rude sarcastic comments in a day! This cat does not suffer with any mental illness, but is just as cunning, scheming cat as you could ever meet (but we love her to death!)
We will confront Muffin upon her 'return' we cant wait to her her explanation, I'm sure you will hear all about it on her post tommorrow. I wonder if we can get a refund on all the extra cat goodies we purchased when we thought we had two cats?

Love and purrs

Ian and Donna, on behalf of Muufin-Willow xxx


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