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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Cat Schizophrenia?

Hello Muffin-Willow's Dearest Readers,

We are having to write Muffin-Willow's blog today, as we believe that:
a) she is suffering fom Cat Schizophrenia
b) we now have two cats - although we never see them both at the same time!! Muffin-Willow AND Miffim-Wallop
c) we can put the record straight about the kebabs (no we weren't confined to either the bed or the toilet!)

Muffin-Willow disappears after breakfast - alledgedly to Longyearbyen to her new boyfriend Thor Love-Thunder-Hammer (Muffin first noticed him when she was viewing the Most Northerly webcam!) Shortly after, in through the patio doors wanders Miffim-Wallop, Muffin-Willow's lovely "cousin" from Longyearbyen. Then at dinner time, off goes Miffim and back comes Muffin!! Confused? We certainly are!!!!

Muffin-Willow is on great terms with Ian and totally rude about Donna (what, you hadn't noticed!!) and Miffim-Wallop is so lovely and polite to Donna and is even tolerant of Ian!!

It is very strange and confusing, given the fact that we never see them both together. They are more like identical twins rather than cousins. Although I would say that Miffim has a slightly more streamlined butt than Muffin - but that may just be a trick of the light.

Is anyone aware of any means of testing for Cat Schizophrenia and, more importantly(!) do you have a cure? Or DO WE HAVE TWO CATS!!

Hopefully Muffin-Willow will be back tomorrow!

Errr, Love and Purrs,

Umm? Muffin-Miffim-Wallop, Oh, we give up! xxxx


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