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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

broken bed

Miaow my curious kittens,

Cold and windy today, spent all day in the armchair snoozing, I hate the wind, it ruffles my new cut and blow dry too much, mew! I seem to be sleeping more and more these days, old age? Donna drugging me with Valium? or just the weather, only the Cat Gods know the answer.
My snoozing was disturbed at round about my Turkey treat time (8.00pm) when a huge bang from upstairs turned me from sleepy Kitty into a sprinting Panther (after I had Put my Nikes on, mew!) on the way upstairs, I could hear Ian and Donna talking in disbelief that the bed had broken....well...the images in my head were of two naked sweaty Minky Whales naked on the bed! To my surprise, both were full clothed, and the bottom left of the bed was at an angle resembling a dislocated paw, miaow! It turned out that Donna had sat on the end of the bed, and CRASH, it gave way (thank the lord I wasn't on it at the time, mew!)
On close inspection Ian or 'Dr Bodge job' as me and Donna call him, established one of the side batons had snapped, resulting in the collapse of many cross slats, and a a pile of sheared off 2" wood screws, miaow, woe, were would we sleep? After a ciggie and a coffee 'Dr bodge job' went to repair the bed structure, he called for his tool kit, (a BAD sign!) and asked to be left alone (he is getting quite stroppy at the moment, mew!) well an hour later, and 20 x 4" wood screws lighter, and covered in 'No More Nails For Wood' He came down stairs, and calmly announced the bed was fixed (But not to manufacturing specification, mew how the fear hit me!) Me and Donna checked it, it seemed OK, in fact, more sturdy that pre-collapse! The real Test will come tonight!
The moral of this story is DONT BUY FLAT PACK FURNITURE FROM ARGOS, IT'S CRAP! Well must dash folks, just gotta help un-glue daddy from the sofa, mew!!

Love and Purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxx


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