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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Wind Farm aids hunting!!

Miaow dearest kittens,

Well today was the day of the great Buffalo migration! Each year on the 1st Sat in September, these huge prey make the move from Woburn Abbey back to the plains of the Africa. It's a time of bounty for a born killer such as moi! The leader of the Buffalo herd, Billy, has a worse sense of direction than Donna when drunk! He cant use map, and a compass is somthing you find on a ship...duh miaow.
As usual the pack headed due Northeast, as opposed to Southeast, heading not for the channel tunnel, but nearby Great Addinginton. During this 20 mile excursion, the herd have to make the life threatening passage across the raging torrents of the mighty river Nene (pronounced 'Nen' to us local humans and Cats) It is normally at this point they realise the wrong turn they have made and head back to Woburn via nearby Rushden. To far for me, miaow! an hour on the no 47 bus! BUT this year....they built a wind farm at Great Addington, and turbines point at us! (maybe a plan to cool down the summers!) The moment the Buffalo had made it across the raging Nene, they were caught in the airflow of 14 huge turbines, already weak, they were blown back acrosss the river and straight towards Raunds, imagine my exitement!! across the fields they blew like tumble weeds in the desert. A gusty Westerly wind made things even better, as they were diverted right up my street. I was like a kitten in a wool shop! where to start? in the end I picked a target, ohh, about a 2 ton male I'd guess (ahem!) wiggled my pert booty to line myself up..AND POUNCE! I delivered the coup de grace and within seconds, this mobile beefburger on hoofs was dead. I dragged my kill into the garden, lightly seasoned it with sea salt, black pepper, and ranch sauce and tucked in. Ohh miaow how I made a pig of myself, ate the lot, except for the left haunch, which I popped into the freezer for the Ian and Donna. I also saved the entrails, they will be ideal for pate for tommorows partee!! so sneaked them inside and crammed them in the fridge salad drawer to keep fresh. What a fab day, Miaow everyday should be like this, mew!
The last I heard of the remaining Buffalo was that they came to halt at Stansted, and have booked flights with Easy Jet to Cairo, I suppose they will walk from there.

Love and Purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxx


Blogger Tom Gray said...

Wow, sounds delicious! Can we use this as a testimonial??

Thomas O. Gray
American Wind Energy Association

2:17 AM  

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