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Friday, September 01, 2006

Weather report August.

Miaow beloved readers,

In my once a month ' I'm not just a pretty face' post, I will now thrill you with Ian's monthly weather summary for August (Yawn, mew!)
After the instense heat of July, August felt like October at times, I certainly spent much of the month dodging the showers and brisk Northwest wind (Ahh the joys of my cat sofa, and South facing french windows)
Imagine my feline surprise when Ian told me it was about as 'near to average' August as you can get! I suppose after July, a week in a sauna in a thermal catsuit would feel cool, mew! It was also the coolest and wettest August since 1999, guess we have all been spoilt by global warming! Anyhoe, the bottom line figures were as follows..
Average maximum 20.5C, average minimum 12.5C, mean 16.5C (-0.1C) rainfall 66mm (+38%) sunshine was 5% above long term average (thank the Cat Gods most of the rain fell overnight!)
Hope you found that interesting, better than watching Richard and Judy, mew! I'll be back tommorrow with the usual madcap feline antics. Must dash, have to check the rain gauge for Ian! ( I do kinda enjoy the weather, useful for honing hunting tactics, purr!!!!!!)

Love and Purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxx


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