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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Shooting Star

Miaow my cosmic readers,

Had a fab lazy kitty day, enjoying the late summer sunshine, lots of moths and Daddy Long Legs to amuse me at this time of year. Really excited about Abi's visit tomorrow (she'll have the skills of a Panther cub when she leaves my tutorage!) and no, I didn't forget the Rusk flavour Pringles for Abi!
Ian got dreadfully excited last night, as he saw 9 shooting stars (Wishy the Star) on his Animal crossing game. You normally see one a night if your lucky. Ian thought the game had a glitch and sat transfixed for over an hour with his finger poised over the 'A' button to wish on ths plague of stars, expecting a rare gift for each one. His face was a picture this morning when he checked his mailbox and only had one gift.. a skeleton! mew! Must dash now folks, still got lots to get ready for Abi's visit (Hmm, will I need extra Swarfega and No More nails I wonder?) Miaow!

Love and purrs

Muffin-Willow xxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

same happened to me! I read that if the month and day match like 09-09 you see loads of Whishy's, but only 1 gift, are you on WIFI? Emma :-)

12:50 PM  

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