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Monday, September 11, 2006

Poetry in motion

Miaow my little kittens,

Miaow, another fab late summers day, hot and sunny, but have my Brolly with me in case of thunderstorms! mew!! Just had a Full on groom last night, dont want to ruin my silky smooth coat!

As the purrfect example of feline purrfection, I've noticed that I dont get the adoration that I deserve, mew! So, the solution came to me last night while playing twister on the bottom of the bed with Donna's legs (think she was dreaming she was pole dancing, AND, with that figure, Miaow!) I would write my own poem to celebrate my undoubted glory. It's called "Muffin-Willow, our God" I do hope you enjoy it, if not, just hit the Next Blog button you uneducated, cultureless chavs, hissss!

I know I was designed to be
Adored by all who encounter me
With glossy fur and opal eyes
My glory's sure to mesmerize
Those hapless Humans who think that
A Dogs a Dog; a Cats a Cat
will surely come around to see
The Miracle thats me.

Love and Purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Muffin, that's beautiful, and so true.

I've been inspired to write a poem about myself - what do you think?

Ode to Scarlet

Little red car, little red car
How do you manage to drive so far?
With bumpers so wide and wheels so small
It's a wonder you can move at all.
But every week, come rain or shine
You drive your mummy into town
Always reliable, always keen
You really are a vehicular dream!

Love Scarls xxx

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice poem puss, but the poem by Scarlet brought tears to my eyes. LOL Sadwirna

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooh Sadwirna, just had to write and thank you for your lovely comments about my poem! You've made my day! Love Scarlet :-)

2:50 PM  

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