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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Plastic surgery!

Miaow my little luvvies,

Miaow all, I recieved a distressing comment from my bestest friend Scarlet (see my post 6th August) she was most upset that I had indicated that Donna was now my bestest friend. Miaow, I must clarify the situation, I dictated my last couple of posts to Donna, who in an attempt to paint herself in a brighter light misquoted me, Hisss, slander queen!!! mew! SCARLET IS MY BESTEST FRIEND and I love her to death, weight problems and mental health issues and all, mew! Now Scarlet has long fancied a nip and tuck, and a course of Botox. I have used a CAD program to show how she will look after a course of treatment at Poodle and Peke Cosmetics (registered for tax purposes in the Caymen Islands, Ivory Coast law applies) As long as dear Scarlet loves the new image, I'll book the treatment on Donna's Gold AMEX, miaow! I do hope she'll forgive this misunderstanding, mew, mew. Must dash, Donna's having a bath, and I'm sure some caustic soda and bleach will enhance her bathing experience, hiss!!

Love and purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh dearest bestest friend Muffin, thanks so much for your lovely post all about me! I should have known there was a logical explanation - you really must keep an eye on that Donna! I feel so much better now and have even stopped crying! Also love the new look, please book me in for the surgery.

Lots and lots of love, bestest friends for ever, Scarlet xxx

11:08 AM  

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