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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mouser Muffin

Miaow my little furballs,

Mew all, spent a very pleasant day in the garden today, half shade and half sun, purrfect! Perchance some rustling alerted my feline senses to MICE!, seeing I was soooo comfortable, and mice are at there most active dawn and dusk, I decided to investigate later (why waste a sunny warm day?)

Anyhoe, later in the evening, we were all having supper, Donna and Ian had Toad in the Hole, I had my usual plate of of Honey roast turkey. We all eat on the floor, using a free newspaper as a tablecloth, or the Times if we are feeling posh or eating Tesco Finest. Miaow, you may wonder why we eat on the floor, well since the fire (ahem!) we dont have a table, just a breakfast bar (which will not accomadate Donna's ample frame, let alone Ian's at he same time, mew!) As soon as I see that paper go down, I camp on it, sometimes upto an hour and wait for my supper.

After wolfing mine down, it was a comment made, "She came, she ate, she went" that made me remember the mice! I'm often accused of contributing nothing to the house except Furballs, vomit, and bad odours, miaow! cutting! So I saw this as golden chance to pop some food on the table for the guys. I stalked back to where I had heard the rusting (after changing into a camoflage catsuit first!) and behold...a nest of field mice...ohh joy! caution thrown to the wind, I bellyflopped onto the nest, and picked a mid sized, rather dazed mouse, clasped it tightly between my gums, and proudly took my prey to the dinner table (ahem newspaper!) Ohh how I laughed as Ian congratulated me, and Donna reeled back in Horror yelling "Muffins got a mouse!" mew, mew! Ian lifted the mouse by the tail, to check if it was still alive, at once I snatched it back, Miaow, it was just a symbolic act, not for sharing!! The mouse was later found on the patio, sucked and gummed to death. I did redeem myself with Donna later, by pouncing on two Daddy Long Legs in the lounge (I normally ignore these, but was still feeling playfull, Miaow!) Donna hates them, and even said I was a "good Cat!) Miracles never cease!

Anyhoe, must dash folks, still have my copy of National Geographic to read (big section on Tigers this month! I still need a new poster to cut out for the inside of the shoe cupboard now that Tom Cat is history....meeewwwwl!!!!

Love and purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you realise how many british birds and rodents and frogs etc fall into the grasp of VERMIN like you! Your owners (bloggers) should fit you with a bell, and keep you in at night. Cats are cruel heartless vermin. sjw

3:10 PM  

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