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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hurricane Maria

Miaow my little kittens,

Hi guys, trust everyone well, no Ticks or Fleas? good! Here in good old Blighty we have been following the track of ex Hurricane Maria with interest, because although now downgraded to a Tropical Storm, it's making a bee line for us! Dire warnings were issued by the Met Office of winds gusting to 80/90mph....but anyhoe it just missed us! mew! as you can see from the map, it's now on a collision course with Iceland, STILL rated as a Tropical Storm. UNHEARD OF Miaow! As it happened we were on the warm side of the storm, and although very windy (I lost my Burbury Berret, mew!) we enjoyed cloudless skies and 30C (86F) unseasonably hot for late September. As a matter of interest, we are currently running at 4c above our September average, mew phew! what on earth is happening to the weather?
Well gotta dash folks, my cat milk is turning sour in all this heat. Perhaps I jumped the gun in putting the central heating on, as it's the first day of Autumn?

Love and Purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you brits make me laff! 80mph winds and 86f in sept.. wow!! try living in NYC rick.Z

8:23 PM  

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