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Thursday, September 14, 2006


Miaow my avid readers,

What a day, Miaow! I was enjoying a pleasant snooze in in the garden, keeping a close eye on a pesky Grey Squirrel that's moved into my Manor (economic migrant from the USA, I presume, mew!) Out of know where, the sky turned as black as Donna's mood (and magic) a little light rain began to fall, then the hevens unleashed a 10 minute torrent of huge hail stones. I had of course packed my brolly and wellies for such sudden inclement weather, but such was the size of the hail, I could only run for the cat flap, leaving my copy of "OK Cat Hello" behind, Sudoku half finished! By the time I got Indoors, I looked like a Slush Puppy! I spent the next hour combing Ice the size of Melons out of my glossy fur (have to book another session at 'A Cat above the Chav Salon) Knowing that ice is actually for sale in bags in supermarkets, it seemed a shame to waste it! Donna commented on how unusal her Single Malt Scotch in the rocks (in a pint tumbler, mew!) tasted, even accused me of watering it down with 'Kitty Malt' Miaow!!
Must dash folks, just going to skulk around the street, not that I'm looking for Tom Cat and Blossom (Feline tart) Hissssss!!!!!! Ps the Doves finished the Sudoku!

Love and Purrs,

Muffin Willow xxx


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