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Sunday, September 24, 2006


Miaow my beloved readers,

Miaow, miaow, miaow miaow!!!! How exciting has my weekend been! The wonderful Donna had to fly to Glasgow yesterday for work (and to squeeze in a visit to her dad!) and GUESS WHAT?!? She took me with her!! Oh it was so exciting as I had no idea that she had hatched this plan. Oh she is soooooo wonderful, miaow.

The first clue I had was when I saw two bags sitting by the door as she was about to leave. She was about to get into the car to go to the airport, and then she told me to jmp in as I was going with her.

She though it would be a good excuse for me to research my family tree - I am afterall related to Robert the Bruce, miaow!

Anyhoe, we got to the airport and checked in, went through security and hit the duty free. Oh we had such fun in the make-up and perfume department. It made the fact that our flight was delayed all the more bearable, miaow!

The flight was rather pleasant, and we arrived in Glasgow to be greeted with blue skies and bright sunshine (no, I couldn't believe it either readers, miaow!). Donna then headed of to Annan and I headed into the city. Rather than trace my roots I hit the shops. I could not believe the number of designer stores - look out Daddy, this months credit bill will be astronomical, mew!

In the evening I hit the town and went dancing, and met myself a handsome cool cat called Hamish - ooh he was lovely, mew.

Sunday afternoon came too quickly, and it was soon time for Donna to finish at work and come collect me for our return journey home.

What more can I say but thank you Donna, you are so lovely (sometimes, miaow!)

Till next time.

Love and purrs

Muffin-Willow xxx


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