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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ford Ka, an ode to Scarlet

Miaow dearest readers,

Trust you are all well, and upto date on your worming tablets? Well, I haven't been killed by Auntie Lizzie yet, mew, phew, she must have been to drunk to read the post! I'm saved! Today I have decided to dedicate my post to my bestest friend Scarlet, and spent all last night writting an "Ode to Scarlet" I hope you all like it, you'd better, hisssss!

Scarlet looks superb and majestic,
From sunny Clapham, "The talk of the town"
With colour red silky metallic,
Her dignity will grow on it's own

Even the rich appear to go for her,
Five geared, with mileage nearly 42,
Such ample space for shopping; seats as soft as fur,
She's the Ka that all the Audi TT's want to woo.

She stands so cute outside the house,
And glows with beauty, all appreciate,
She's the Ka to make a perfect spouse,
Witty and pretty, she's never late.

With Scarlet, any distance you can go,
Comfort, style, she can even sew!

Love and purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooh Muffy, that's beautiful! You are my bestest friend forever too!

Lots and lots of love, Scarlet xxx

4:31 PM  

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