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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Evil Cival Servant (Auntie Lizzie)

Miaow my avid readers,

Miaow, all, I can hold my forked tongue no longer! I have given Auntie Lizzie my word as a Cat not to identify her...mew so I cant! But she is an evil women, mew! I fear for my ninth life by just making this post, mewyooow! But an example of her scheming plotting mind, so typical of a senior Government offical must be told, miaow yiss!!
When she was a kitten, she took great pleasure in standing at the top of the stairs at her parents house, and screaming "Ian, stop it, owww, please dont hit me" she would have already pinched herself to show evidence of poor Ian's alledged crime! Mother used to run upstairs, comfort Lizzie, and punish poor Ian for nothing, mew! It is little wonder that Ian has grown up with a raft of mental health issues, and a fetish for latex and spandex, ohhh, mew!
I dread to think how she treats her staff and my bestest friend Scarlet, why, the poor car doesn't even have a car flap to use when it's cold outside! Anyhoe, the picture is an accurate likeness for Auntie Lizzie, I haven't broken my word by identifing her directly, but I'm sure some one will recognize her (with luck, the Government Minister she works for, mew!)...........come to think of it, Auntie Lizzie would make a great Cat! mew,mew,mew!
Anyhoe, gotta dash folks, just got to board up the front door, and hide in the shoe cupboard!

Love and purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Muffin! This has only just appeared on your blog else I can assure you, you would have known about it by now! When I told you the story about Ian you agreed he was a big girl's blouse who deserved all he got! And you know full well that Scarlet spends most of the day lounging indoors on the sofa, eating takeaways and watching daytime tv. And I've told you before not to publish that photo of me - you know I was having a bad hair day when it was taken! I'm very disappointed in you and expect an apology.


3:03 PM  

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