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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Cat fishing

Miaow my little kitties,

Mew all, how ya doing? fleas all cleared up? good! I've been tempted for sometime to try a spot of fishing in next doors fish pond. I dont own a rod, so fashioned one out of a garden cane and spider web for fishing line (mew, I remember reading it's twice the strength of steel!!) I couldn't find a maggot for bait (and Ian wouldn't let be borrow his 'Wedding tackle' mew, mew!) so used a cheese and onion flavour pringle as a subsitute! So all kitted out I sneaked under the fence, stopped off for a 2 hour snooze on the way as a sunbeam hit me, and took position by the pond.
To be frank, I thought I might catch a Goldfish or two, but when I reeled in my first fish, imagine my shock to find it was a Turkey Zebra Fish!...I knew this was gonna be my lucky day, maiow! a Horse Mackerel was next, followed by a Sea Bass, a Red Snapper, a Blue Marlin, a Puffer Fish, a Seahorse, an Ocean Sunfish, a pale Chub, AND a Dorrado!! this was clearly a magical pool, miaow! After devouring the entire catch, I had to mew for hours for Ian to collect me! I was just too stuffed to move! Anyhoe, what a day, shame I stank of fish so much! when Donna came home, she was convinced it was her, mew! she spent 3 hours in a Dettol filled bath! I didn't have the heart to tell her and ruin her lazy soak in the bath! Well, mew, must dash still have fishbones stuck in my gullet, maiow!

Love and Purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxx


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