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Friday, September 29, 2006

Animal Crossing Animals deserted!!

Miaow my little kitties,

I have some shocking news to report regarding Donna and Animal Crossing!! She has abandoned the Animals of donanook for the new game she bought - New Super Mario Bros. Oh she is so cruel and heartless, miaow!

I can tell you that Aurora (the cute penguin) is ill and requires medicine, Kody (the muscle man) is desparate for green furniture and depending on Donna, as for Drake (the tasty looking duck, yum, miaow!) was supposed to visit at 11pm last night AND where was Haggis Chops at 11pm? Yes, you guessed it - trying to play on New Super Mario Bros (and not doing very well I can tell you, miaow), Aurora was left without medicine and may need to be hospitalised.

I think I may have to either steal her Mario game card, or take to looking after the animals myself.

Oh she is soooooooo cruel.

Lov and purrs

Muffin-Willow xxx


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