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Monday, August 07, 2006

Me as a kitten!

Miaow dearest readers,

Firstly a huge thanks to my bestest friend Scarlet, who sent be such a moving Email, got me all loved up! (I kinda like to hang with her, as the hunky guys always pick me, ha ha!)
I was searching in Donna's Vodka drawer for some, ahem, umm, yes! wool to play with, when I stumbled across this old picture of me as a kitten! It was taken in Norway, just outside Bergen, on a crisp March Morning. You will of course notice at once that since living here in Blighty I have not lost my Norwgian Forest cat looks! My Sister Poppy took the picture, just after I had snaffled myself a rutting Elk single pawed (I'm sure if you look right at the bottom of the photo you can just see the Elks entrails) What a day we had!!
Soon after this photo was taken, Poppy followed her dreams and joined the Royal Norwgian Mounted Forest Cat Patrol (kinda like the Canadian Mounties) I in turn followed my dreams and stowed away on a Herring factory trawler bound for Bridlington, to become either a supermodel or a 'kept' cat, acheiving both was a bonus!
Donna is away on business in Birmingham tonight, so I'll soon have Ian wrapped around my little claw, and I'm confident my normal quality rations will be restored.
Must dash folks, the rain has stopped, and the suburban Savanna awaits it's most feared predator!

Love and purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mw, you were an ugly kitten! but ya blossomed like a swan! luv Kxxx

1:00 PM  

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