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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Long Grass

Miaow devoted readers,

This is the latest picture of me in the savannah that is our back garden. It has started to green up again with all the rain we have had this month (50.5mm to be precise) and the humans have been so lazy that they haven't been out to cut it yet. Another job for Cinderella I suppose, miaow!

However, for all their failings in the garden department (and the house isn't much better I can tell you, miaow!), it proves very good for stalking wild animals. I spent most of the morning waiting for an elusifve wildebeest but with no joy - perhaps they are night creatures (unlike myself - I prefer to spend my nights on the bed).

Perhaps I will have better luck tomorrow.

Till then dear friends.

Love and purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxx


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