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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ian's Money trees

Miaow dear readers,

Well Donna's back from her trip to Birmingham, I was, to my surprise rather pleased to see her. She was very tired, so we didn't get much time to talk (read-me being nagged and moaned at)
It's Ian I'm getting worried about, both he and Donna are addicted to Animal crossing, on the the Nintendo DS (Donna's other addictions have been well documented by me!) Ian has worked out how to grow money trees, he planted 2 small test trees, both of which are growing. He became overconfident, and after much testing, planted about half his savings, 100,000 bells (Duh!) expecting to grow a tree that every 3 days would fruit 300,000 bells. IT DIED! boy, he was close to tears! Even I could have told him that even planted in the correct place, watered daily, 25% of trees die (ahem..not that I play this Kiddie game!) Of course he sought my counsel, and I advised 5x 20,000 bell trees to spread the risk. In his wisdom he took my advice, his joy was unfounded this morning when 4 out of 5 trees had taken! that will give him 60,000 bells every three days in about a week, as long as watered daily. His little eyes just said "Kerrching!" He wont be happy until he has an orchard of 1,000,000 bell trees. I fear he is turning into a meglomaniac (like cousin Charlie, more on him another time) he is already strutting round the island doing his best to look like Fidel Castro. GUYS!! it's a video game!!
If your reading Scarlet, any goss on the " Croyden patio body"? if it was you, I told you before that concrete boots in any M25 roadworks section is far safer!
Must dash folks, need my hit on Super Mario Bros.

Love and purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo MW! ya wanna try AC, cool game, but I is cool, you gotta have the bells to rule! luv. Kxx

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bo Peep and Piper have done the weeding. SKA

2:12 PM  

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