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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

House Partee

Miaow dearest loyal readers,

Been suffering with morning sickness the last few days, NO I AM NOT PREGNANT! Most odd, just after my breakfast, which I devour in about a minute, I barf. Must admit feel sorry(ish) for Ian as he stands and watches me eat, with a copy of the Times (inside which is doubtless a girlie mag!) waiting to catch my vomit, as it tends to come straight back up. Yesterday I managed to keep breakfast down for 5 minutes, but I lasted just until I got to the patio, then Baaaarrrrffff! Ian was shocked 10 minutes later to see me eating the yummy warm chicken I had regurgitated (kept it all down) I tried to explain some basic cat facts too him, alas, he couldn't hear me due to the sound of his own retching! BUT yaaay!! I wasn't sick this morning. I am currently being treated for Furballs and Worms (the shame of it, a pedigree with Worms) I declined Donna's offer of ECT for my supposed mental health issues!
Well, anyhoe, Donna's away Today and Thursday, so have taken the chance to throw a small partee (neigbourhood elite, including the Vicar) got some fab munchies in, Salmon, Prawns, Scallop Vol Au Vonts, and some Prawn Cocktail flavour Pringles. 'Borrowed a couple of bottles of Donna's jolly Bolly (she wont miss a couple of Magnums from her extensive wine cellar, rather wine car boot!) Hope you like the picture of next doors Tom enjoying some Bolly at my birthday bash last year, man was he ill, I told him not to mix Bolly with Worming tablets and Valium! (Ohhh he's such a hunky reblel!) With Donna not back until Thursday, Plan to partee all tonight, and then get Ian to clear the chaos up on Thursday....She'll be none the wiser! Well must dash folks, gonna be a long job shoe horning myself into my new spangled hot pants! Cheers all!!

Love and Purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dearest Muffin

Alas your plans are about to be scuppered!!

I am coming home tonight - yay!!

later gaiter!

Love Donna

1:15 PM  

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