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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

House Partee (2)

Miaow my beloved readers

Just found out today that Haggis Chops has to go to Cwmbran on Sunday for work and will have to stay overnight!! Let the partee plans begin - yay!!

She has to leave early on Sunday morning, so I have the whole day to arrange the Pringles and decide which outfit to wear (shall I go for early autumnal or a last stab at summery? decisions, decisions - miaow)

Of course you are all invited, however I am not sure that the vicar will be able to make it. He is still in hospital following the last partee and, of course Sunday is his busy day - miaow!

Haggis has never been to Wales before (and it being the land of her ancestors, talk about multi-cultured, miaow!), so I imagine it will be educational for her. Of course, I have already started to write my present list and no it doesn't include sheep, mew! (except wool!)

Must dash folk, need to fluff up the angora cushion on my lovely new sofa. Ohh... how I love a bit of wool sucking, I'm sure there is a nipple in there somewhere, miaow!

Love and purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxx


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