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Monday, August 14, 2006

Hogging the PC

Miaow devoted, avid readers,

Still have a sore nose, it took Ian 30 minutes, a crowbar, and a litre of extra virgin olive oil to get that kitchen devil knife unstuck! Still too shamefaced to venture onto the Savanna today, so just chilled on the bed (Ian's side!) and caught up on some Emails, which brings me to the point of this entry. I have been accused of HOGGING the PC! Gawd I only use it to write my Blog, Emails, and surfing cat sites containing 'adult material' Ian and Donna keep saying it's for research, banking, bill paying, etc (yawn!) Well get your OWN PC guys, or what about a Internet Cafe?? Ian is a fine one to talk, he decided to to convert the Hard drive from Fat32 to NTFS, spent half an evening faffing about doing it (4 hours researching and mulling it over, and 5 minutes for Windows XP to perform the task fault free for him) Hence my Monday Blog never got published, soooo sorry guys. Donna's away again! Tuesday and Wednesday night...she just cant wait to get away from me! Well must dash folks, just found a woodlouse (and crunchy tissues??) under Ian's pillow, Curiosity may have got the cat, I'm just plain nosy!!

Love and Purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxx


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