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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dedicated to Ian.

Miaow dear readers,

Feeling loved up today, so have written a poem describing how I felt when Ian and I first met at the Cat Protection Shelter......Ahem....

Cant you hear my Miaow as you walk on by?

In my cage I dream and long for a loving home,

I will purr in your lap, not alone in the alley I used to roam,

Oh please dont leave without me today,

I'll give you love, laughter, and in Kitty language will chat,

You stopped to open my cage, and you can almost hear me say,

Thanks for choosing me, one tired and lonley rescue cat.

Love and Purrs.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo M, thats so purdy, got me welling up now! love Kxxx

12:22 PM  

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