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Friday, August 11, 2006

Cousin Charlie

Miaow avid readers,

Cousin Charlie is a hard one to explain, but I'll do my bestest.
Charlie was Ian and Auntie Lizzie's pet Peke (darn yappy dwarf dogs!) Charlie popped of to the the big boneyard in the sky 20 years ago, but his personality and influence over our lives is as strong as ever. Ian and Lizzie decided he hadn't died, just gone away on business. AND what a thriving business he's built up! Money lending (loan shark), money laundering, and influencing world politics, he has the ear of George Bush and Tony Bair, and is generally an international man of action. He has a sidekick, a peroxide, permed Poodle, called Mindy. Charlie has his international offices at Ian and Donna's house, called Meglomaniac towers, built from NASA light reflecting/bending glass, to render the 40 km high building virtually invisible to the naked eye. A high speed rail link leads to his London office (in Lizze's flat) which has a Dental surgury as a cover. Charlie appears in most of Scarlet and my Emails. It's Kinda funny, but weired as it may sound, I've got so used to it, I believe it all now.
There are so many tales I'll tell you about Charlie, included bitting Ian's lip in two, and causing Ian great embarassment as a Teenager to him, by frantically sniffing the crotch of every girl he bought home, and terrorising all his male friends. My how you'll laugh at these jocular tales. Well must dash for now folks, going to try to dislodge this furball in Donna's Handbag.

Love and Purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxx


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