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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Cheap Cat food!

Miaow dear readers,

Whoops, I've been caught! Further evidence has come to light regarding the recent vomiting incident. CCTV evidence shows that it was infact me and not Donna who ate the biscuits and pebble dashed the freshly laundered bedding with projectile vomit. Imagine my shame! Particularly as I had publicly accused Donna and was not particularly polite about it. The love letters and kinky underwear hidden in Donna's knicker (sorry, vodka!) drawer were sent to CSI for analysis and Grisom's invstigation proved her innocence and my clear guilt.

I would here by like to publicly apologise to old haggis chops for any embarassment and distress caused. Hopefully the barbed wire will be untangled from me now and the shoe cupboard door opened! Although I appreciate the cheap moggy nosh will continue for a day or so!

Yours humbly

Muffin-Willow xxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Muffin

The truth will always out!!

What a strong cat you are to be able to admit your guilt and apologise - you desrve to be on caviar for that!!

Well done!


11:24 AM  

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