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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Cats away, so mice can play!

Miaow my dear devoted readers,

Well the cat (Donna) is away, so the mouse (moi) can play! having just a fabbo day guys! Started the day with a lazy doze on Donna's side of the bed, had a darn good scratch in situ, saw a couple of cat fleas sneak under Donna's pillow (sure they will make good friends with Donna's Lice, Crabs etc!) Spent most of the day trying on Donna's clothes, and reading her diary...Woooo! never knew Ian was such a love-god!! Soon as Ian was home, put my 'Lil lost kitten' eyes on (never fails) and within minutes we were tucking into Honey roast ham, Turkey off the bone, and Cheese Hula-Hoops...Mmmm! He even let me lick his Ice Cream bowl clean. Have to admit it was slightly rich, Tesco Finest, topped with condensed milk and Mexican Honey (guess who's idea that was!) After that we settled to watch The Discovery Channel and BBC News 24, it made a very pleasant change from the endless Soaps, Reality TV crap, and Cartoons I normally have to endure.
I've changed Donna's password on the PC to "Hefelumph" so she cant read this, I'm sure the Civil Service dont have PC's (all funding spent on providing their 'modest' pension!) Well must dash folks, Celebrity Love Island On Ice about to start!!!

Love and Purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo MW, love God? got any fruity pics for me, he,he. Kxx

1:06 PM  

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