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Saturday, August 19, 2006


Miaow dearest readers,

I am not normally one for catnip - all that rolling around in it does nothing for my designer catsuits.

However ...................!

Last week the best friend of next doors Ginger Tom came back from Amsterdam with a HUGE bag of the finest Moroccan Skunk Catnip! I was invited around for some and was about to turn him down (well I was wearing my best Prada catsuit, miaow!) until he opened the bag! Well, I thought, Haggis Chops is obsessed with washing and ironing, so she can clean the catsuit. Within seconds of catching that high grade scent I was rolling on the floor fine style. Oh what fun the three of us had! I even got friendly with those pesky doves!!

After a couple of hours rolling in the 'nip! I finally found my way back through the fence, and strolled through the patio door giggling and declaring my undying love for Donna (she does it to Daddy every time she comes in reeking of her favourite Polish vodka, miaow!)

Love and Purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxx


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