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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Cat Vomit!

Miaow beloved readers,

Can you imagine my joy when Donna purchased this super frock for me! it says "Daddies little star" on the back too! I was sooo excited, near to wetting myself. I was just about to try it on, and impress next doors hunky Ginger Tom, when my little Kitty world fell wasn't mine!!! but for my neice Abi, meeeyooow! Not that I begrudge gifts for Abi, She's cuter than a huge slice of Banoffee pie and maple syrup, and me and my best friend Scarlet have worked our claws and tyres (Scarlet is Lizzie's car) to the bone knitting socks, gloves, mittens, and in Scarlets case, wing mirror warmers..Duh! But I was heart broken. You will notice the big 1/2 price sticker, well that's Donna all over, MIAOW!
Ever since my major (ahem!) surgery, for some reason I haven't been eating dry food out of my bowl, if it's put on the floor I'll wolf it down, it's mystified Donna and Ian (me also to be honest!) Last night, after a pleasant meal of Salmon in Seafood sauce, I retired to bed with Ian and Donna and promptly dozed off. I have no memory of eating dry food in the night, but the bowl was half empty when I woke (must of been that sexy Ginger Tom!) and the bed was covered with projectile cat vomit, needless to say I got the blame as usual. Took a while to clear that mess up I can tell you, nasty atmosphere (and smell) in house when the Humans left. Decided to lay low, and figure out this mystery!!

Love and purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Muffin, it's Kirsty, sure you didn't go sleepwalking?? Figured your Pizza menu out yet babe? xxx

1:00 PM  

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