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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Cat Tick

Miaow dearest readers,

What an awfull day! you may recall I mentioned that while Donna was away, I indulged myself in some Flea scratching near her pillow? I wondered how they would get on with Donna's Crabs, Lice, etc? MUTANTS have bred, miaow!! This football size monster was found by Ian while he groomed my silky fur, ATTACHED to moi!! just under the chin.. gawd I was near to fainting with the horror of it all. Ian explained it was a Tick, not a mutant flea/crab, and that it had most likley found it's way to me via a hedgey hoggy thingie. I had been off colour a day or two, so Ian, fearing Lymes disease decided a surprise vet trip for the correct removal and check up was in order (joy, I'd have yanked it off with summit out of Donna's make up bag!) Any-hoe off to see the charming Cassie at the Vets (BS HONS Animal torture) Mutant removed in 30 seconds, followed by a quick jab (no Valium, bah!) and home 1 hour later, and with Ian's wallet £40 lighter.
It goes without saying I will milk this for all I can...Hmmm? do you fake mild Lymes Disease symptoms?? Must dash Guys, gotta buff up on the "Good Cat Health Guide"

Love and Purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxx


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