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Sunday, July 23, 2006


(by the Author)

I'm writting on Muffin-Willow's behalf, due to her overnight stay at vet's. Poor Muffin's toothache became much worse overnight and during this morning. A call to Keyvet ensued, and an appointment made for 4pm (out of hours fee £11o.oo!) By the time we got her highness to the surgery the cause of the toothache was clear, her remaining lower canine was protruding from her jaw at a 90 degree angle. The Vet advised the tooth needed to be removed at once, and her remaining two upper teeth checked. We left Muffin (who, although stroppy, was looking forward to her Valium pre-med!) at 4.30pm. Got a call from Vets at 6.30pm to advise Muffin awake, tooth removed, and remaining upper fangs still ok! She's staying in overnight for observation, and will be ready to come home 11am tomorrow. House very quiet without her, will be thinking of her.

Sweet dreams Muffin-willow.

Ian and Donna.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Muffin! I do hope she is feeling better soon - I have been holding a candlelit vigil for her overnight with some of my friends. Ms S Ka xxx

11:24 AM  

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