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Saturday, July 22, 2006


Miaow all,

Just a quick post today, have awful toothache in my remaining lower fang, pain has been quite dreadfull, haven't even bothered to eat today. We had a stunning thunderstorm today. At 2.30pm me, Donna, and Ian were enjoying the clear blue skies, sweating like little piggies in 31c of humid heat, by 3.00pm, the skies had darkened to the colour of my mood! Donna said should we shut the blinds etc, Ian stood and glanced south to assess the chance of imminent rain, at that moment the thunder rolled all around us, and we fled in terror up the garden after viewing swirling clouds and a blur of rain about 1/4 mile away. We just made it indoors before the rain hit, THEN the wind!! wow, what a down draft from a storm, so strong it actually blew the blinds off two windows! it went as dark as night, and the temperature fell from 31c to 18c in less than 30 mins.... so exiting, for me anyway! All cleared and sunny again by 5pm.
In the garden currently, trying to find somewhere to rest my throbbing jaw.

Love and purrs

Muffin-willow xxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hope your toothace better today hunnie, love Kirsty. N.J

10:25 PM  
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