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Monday, July 10, 2006

Scots Highland Gathering

Maiow all,

Found this old Camfone picture of me when I first moved in with daddy.. Look what he's done to my figure!!! I've gone from a dress size 6 to 14!! all that turkey and smoked salmon I've been forced fed...Mewl!! Weekend quiet for me, much cooler, low 20's and breezy, ideal for sauntering about scaring butterflies. Ian and Donna went to the Highland gathering in Corby on Sunday (Poor Donna is from north of the wall) Donna didn't take her hip flask..yay! but a litre of Aldi Scotch in a discreet brown paper bag (ahem!) Good time was had by all, shame the wind kept blowing the tents over.. he he! Ian caused shame on all by signing a petition in favour of an English Parliament at a promotional stall, can you believe the Highland gathering rented a stall to us southern softies?. Soon got bored with "Ya know, 86% of the U.K population live in England, but 32% of treasury funds for Social care go to... etc, blah, rant. I think Donna used the leaflet for toilet tissue in the end ( hope she didn't get paper cuts)
Auntie Lizzie didn't call last night after her trip to the health farm. The only logical explanation is that her Booze and Valium problem was so bad, that she was sectioned under the Mental Health Act, poor Lizzie, a Civil service Junkie... Ohh and Donna too.
Moths seen = 0, Moths caught =0, small children seen seen 34, small children terrorised =34, homicidal thoughts =34, homicidal actions =2 ( Beetles, not children!). Must dash, just about to embelish new carpet with tastefull muddy paw prints.

Love and Purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxxxx


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