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Friday, July 07, 2006

Sabre Toothed Black Panther outfit

Miaow all,

Finally got my Sabre Tooth Tiger dentures, yay!! Couldn't find a wash out jet black hair colour, so used Ian's black shoe polish (any hints for how to remove shoe polish from new carpets guys?) Spent whole day spreading fear among small children, moths, sheep... what a hoot! Hoping that I can get shoe polish out of fur with swarfega and Donna's new Cashmere top.
Cat flap still not repaired, on the verge of attacking the front door with a Jigsaw and fitting the damn thing myself. At least I can wind Ian and Donna up by rolling in 1am or so, leaving them waiting on the sofa for me!
Auntie Lizzie off work for a few days, gone to some posh health farm for a break (from the booze and Valium I assume)
Donna furious I 'borrowed' her 4 pack of smirnoff ice, once her DT's had worn off and she'd calmed down she settled on Jonnie Walker on her Rice Crispies instead. Ohh well, I suppose I should go in (I'm posting this on Ian's PSP on WiFi, I assume it's waterproof!) and see what tasty morsels are being served for midnight meal tonight.

Love and Purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxx


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