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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Migraine (2)

Maiow dearest readers!

Glad to report my Blogging now working again (or rather Ian's Migraine finally permits him to carry out basic tasks for me, such as write my blog!)
WHAT a day yesterday was, Ian couldn't sleep due to his alledged migraine. He spent most of the night sitting downstairs, head in hands, saying he just wanted to die (trust me, I offered to help!) He finally went to bed at 06.30am, after pulling a 'sickie' at work. He was fast asleep when Donna woke at 07.00am, she left him to sleep. In her haste to get to work, she neglected to unlock the cat flap or feed me. Ian eventually woke at 13.30pm, and by the time he realised the time (and could remember his name!) it was 14.00pm. I was so hungry, I had licked the kitchen floor to a shine, and just couldn't keep my legs crossed any longer! AT LAST nourishment came my way, gobbled the lot in under a minute-perhaps Ian was really ill, I didn't get the normal lecture about eating to fast and vomiting in the laundry basket. Freedom was achieved at 14.30pm, just uncrossed my legs...ohhhh the relief, I'm sure next doors flower bed enjoyed the free moisture and compost as much..he,he,he Miaow!
Today was back to normal (if this home can ever be called that) Spent most of day chilling under the fence, but cooler again at 26c, for me to lounge in the sun early and late, bliss. Just come in for supper, it's raining at last..Yaay! All the mice and frogs will be strutting their stuff all over my Manor tommorrow, I'll be sure to bag a a few mice, who knows, maybe a trophy Buffalo! Must dash, think I've got a sensual brushing session on the way....Hmmmm!

Love and purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxx


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