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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Miaow wot a scorcher!!!

Miaow all,
Just about to attack Ian's PC with a jigsaw and power drill, cant upload a picture today, miaow! Blogger beware, my nickname 'aint Tungsten claws for nothing! please fix this darn diddly problem, there, I've said it, you guys got me mad. I've cleared my chocolate cookies, deleted my cache thingie, enabled expresso script... still no joy. Any how, yesterday was sooo hot guys, we broke the UK July maximum (fanfare) 36.5c in Wisley in Surrey, Ian's weather station recorded 35.1c (I felt like lighting a bonfire under his stevenson screen so he recorded like 70c, maiow ha, ha, ha,) I was so hot I didn't bother going out until 8.30pm last night. I have put the odd pound on, and upon refection, wearing thermals under my catsuit was perhaps not wise! Ohhh how those Doves and Pigeons mocked me as I battled in vain to get my catsuit off with Swarfega and a large shoe horn.... revenge will be sweet my feathered chicken nuggets!
Donna is back from her course at BT in Staffs, welcomed her back with open jaws! She was away 2 days and didn't write once, or bring me a gift of a fishy nature. She then hogged the bed all night, forcing me to sleep in the cupboard under the sink, such indignity! Mind you she left without her mobile phone today, so good chance to run up a hefty bill with the Japanese talking clock, and Rolf Harris (he loves cats!)
Really must dash, cooler this morning, and those darn birds are living on borrowed time! Hope to post picture again tommorrow (Blogger.. hisssssss, you have been warned, Bill gates wouldn't have this problem!)

Love and Purrs to all,

Muffin-Willow xxxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gosh how hot must you have been yesterday sweetie.

Donna sounds like she's a bit of a muppet doesn't she!!


12:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You poor kitty, you come live with me, much cooler here in North pole, Love Santa Claus xxxxx

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stop messing around with the computer and get back in the cupboard under the sink you cheeky little moggy.

Ian and Donna

3:26 PM  

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