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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A little of my background

Miaow all,

Thought I'd Indulge myself with a little of how I came to live with Ian and Donna (in Fort Knox!).
Ian's last cat companion Poppy died in March 2005, he swore blind he'd never have another cat. But we cats have a way of always finding a way back into your life! Ian contacted the great people at Cat Protection and asked to re-home a cat (He has his good points!) After a week he got a call to say they had ME! they quite seriously warned Ian that I was a fab cat, but challenged facially (I only have 3 teeth, and gum problems) and would involve regular vet trips, and a lot of commitment. Soon as Ian saw me he fell in love with me and agreed to re-home me asap! I moved in 3rd April 2005. I thought he was ok, if a bit ugly, and going bald. (but hey, what cat is going to turn down a meal ticket!)
Ian had really wanted a female cat, but my name was Marvin Enzo, he changed this to Muffin-Willow and has always treated me like a girl ( a princess to be honest)...... I get confused sometimes!!! need to check my Insurance documents to fathom this out (they burnt in the house fire last October, ahem! more on that later) so I guess I must be a girlie, I mean I love lippy and handbags, also pink is my fav colour
Too hot again yesterday at 30c, spent most of day sleeping under fence. My cat flap not replaced yet! good job Ian or Donna at home most of day.
Mice seen = 0, mice caught =0, moths seen = 1000's, moths caught hmmm, maybe a couple, homicidal thoughts =2, homicidal actions =0, yay!!

Love and purrs,



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