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Monday, July 31, 2006

Hottest July-Phew!

Miaow all,

Was going to tell you all about Frogs and Dragonflies, but cant upload picture again!! (whoops, sorry, on editing the post it let me upload picture) SO doing my 'Im not just a pretty face' weather report for July 2006.
July 2006 was the warmest month ever recorded in in the U.K, beating the previous record jointly held by July 1983 and August 1995, with a screen mean of 17.8c, 0.5c above previous record. Sunshine was 50% over the July average. Germany also recorded it's warmest month on record..mmm warm beer!
Here in Raunds (south-east midlands) we recorded a screen average max of 26.9c, average minimum 14.8c (overall mean 20.9c) rain 38.7mm (most of this fell in two downpours towards the end of the month, I got caught in both!!) it was also very sunny, nearly 270 hours for the month-should have used sun screen I know!
Sorry for all the serious, non cat information, but I'm not just a dumb Kitty you Know!

Love and purrs,

Muffin-willow xxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooh, thanks so much for that. You are such a clever cat, I wish I was clever like you. luv Ms S Ka xxx

11:05 AM  

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