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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Miaow all,

Remain ratty due to the excessive heat, 33c again today, this picture shows just how yellow Englands 'Green and pleasant land' is! When I moved here from my native Norway I was expecting rain by the bucket load, hence only packed my normal wet weather catsuit, ohhh how I wish I'd packed a bikini and flip flops!
Donna is away on a training course in Staffordshire, so I have half the bed to my self, no more playing twister at the foot of the bed..yaay!
Ian has yet to work out the relationship between the laundry basket, washing machine, and iron. I swear he thinks the laundry pixies take all he throws on the floor, and magically make it appear back in the wardrobe washed and ironed a day later...Men..Duh!!
Must dash dears, having another Homicidal thought..yaay, off to find Ian's tender feet and ankles!
Love and purrs

Muffin-Willow xxxxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

did ya pee on that grass puss????

10:26 PM  

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