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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Gerbil scratching post!!!!!

Miaow and purrs to all,

Keeping my feet firmly on the floor following my first picture published in a paper, just been daydreaming in the sun of the fame and wealth to come.
To celebrate my fame, Ian and Donna purchased a new cat scratching post cum lounger for me... NOT the one I wanted! Saw my dream climber in 'Petsmart'. God it was perfect, 4 levels, real wool snoozing hoops, a cool den on the! I ended up with this 'thing' not only is it far to small for a svelte 7.7kg Prima Donna puss, the materials.. nylon, acrylic, polyester! no REAL WOOL to suck! The real sickener is that I would have got my dream climber, EXCEPT it was blue and it clashed with the carpet, I cant believe they didn't just change the carpet. Perchance, if anyone needs a climber for a needy Gerbil, Rat, or small child, please contact me, it's yours (buyer collects!)
Must dash guys, my Smoked Salmon is getting warm.

Love and purrs Muffin-Willow xxxxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are a rude ugly cat. amy age 9

12:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Muffin is a lovely, pretty, well mannered cat and it is Amy who is rude. Scarlet age 3

2:22 PM  

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