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Friday, July 21, 2006

Gerbil scratching post has use..Yay!

Miaow my beloved readers, (and Donna too!)
Managed to upload my picture FIRST time today, Blogger, your off my hit list, pity, just sharpened my claws with an angle grinder today, hey ho, I'm sure Ian or Donna will get the chance to feel them.
Not as hot 30.5c yesterday, and 30c as I write now. This brings me to tne point of my post, I've found a use for my 'Gerbil scratching post'...Yaay! being cunningly positioned by the french windows, it affords not only a comfortable, cool napping spot, but also stunning views of the back garden (should a stray Antelope pass!) Ian is off work today, can you believe that Donna asked him to play her Animal Crossing at dead on 11am, as Barbara the sheep was due to visit for a tea morning... Duh.. get real guys!! It will be fun seeing Ian explain he dozed off and didn't do it anyway, miaow, ha,ha,ha.
What with all the windows open at night, and lights on (god forbid Donna couldn't lay her hands on her 3 litre bottle of White lightning cider (7.5% ABV) at 5am!) the house is full of Moths, Beetles,mayflies and just about any other insect you'd find on landfill site. I am supposed to catch these according to my housecat contract! like, no way guys, thats what flypaper and swatters were invented for! I need a new Solicitor!!
Well must dash guys, just going to catch a re-run of the BBC's fab 'Big cat dairy' next doors Ginger Tom has hinted that there is content of an 'ADULT' nature on it, mmm, Miaow!

Love and purrs Muffin-Willow xxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brilliant BLOG, addictive reading, just dont send the cat to stay wit me!!! Kirsty N.J xxx

3:43 PM  
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