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Monday, July 03, 2006

Broken cat flap!!

Miaow all,

Disaster struck last night, my all sing all dancing infra-red cat flap broke! there was nothing wrong with my old one, except I admit fitting my 7.7kg frame through was a struggle at times. Donna and Ian will only let me out when they are around through the patio doors (the tradesmans entrance!) I feel trapped! Last night the pair of them had kittens just because I rolled in at 1.50am, they were waiting up on the sofa to let me in so they could go to bed. Luckily they are on holiday next week so I live in hope the cat flap will be replaced, and someone will supervise the patio doors 24/7!
Too Hot again today, 31c and sunny, didn't bother going out until 7pm, had great fun chasing moths, evening ruined only by the resident Doves taunting me from the Apple tree, time for the air pistol methinks! Donna went to vist her charming mother this afternoon, came home with loads of yummy food, and smelling of Gin as usual.
Auntie Lizzie called this evening, GOD!, I couldn't get a word in edgeways, sure she'd been on the Valium and Vodka again. Frightning to think she is involved in making National Lottery grants, I'm sure most of it goes to Asda value vodka!
Must dash, my supper is just being served, Tesco Finest Chicken in Jelly! Yum!

Love and purrs Muffin-Willow xxxx


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This Cat is very nice !

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