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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Animal Crossing Nintendo DS

Miaow all,

Hot and irritable today, 30c, Ian say's weather man forcasting 35c for Wednesday... how I long for the cool misty Norwegian forests at times. QUESTION..
Are my 34 and 41 year old Humans the only people addicted to this strange game? They spend as much time chasing bugs, fish,digging for fossils, and building their dream homes as they do in the real world. Any comments appreciated. Thank you, a confused cat. ps Donna's in a strop because she doesn't know if she's won today's "Bug-off" insect catching contest in the game! Like duh!

Love and Purrs

Muffin-willow xxxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Animal Crossing rocks - whatever age you are!!!!!!!!!


3:20 PM  

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