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Monday, June 26, 2006

Dental floss problems

Miaow all,

What a boring day! damp outside, so have retired to the couch to survey my kingdom through the patio windows. Managed to find some wood lice to stalk, hardly a challenge for the greatest hunting machine nature ever created ( and no, they dont taste like chicken!) I have been asking for weeks for a gross of Gerbils to be set free in the house to entertain me on these damp days.
Humans both out at work, I should introduce them, Ian and Donna, they are both against Gerbils, maybe I should ask for Mice?
Usual trouble flossing my fangs today, you just cant buy it wide enough for my dental gaps, frankly I'm sick of using a house brick! If I had a private dental plan I could have Sabre Tooth Tiger Implants! yeah and dye my fur black and pass myself off as the Beast of Bodmin, cool!
Must dash, this small sunbeam cant be missed!




Anonymous Sally Anne said...

With teeth like that, you dont need any falsies honey, your a real cutie pie xxx

7:37 AM  

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