The Ramblings of a Housecat

Friday, June 30, 2006

Hot and bothered

Miaow all,

Feeling a tad lethargic today, just too warm. Managed to stalk a moth for 2 hours on the lawn as the evening became cooler. Ian and Donna gave me a small plate of Turkey to eat on the patio, I was more interested in their sausage rolls.
Auntie Lizzie emailed me today, asked me not to mention her alcohol problems, O.C.D, and various other mental health issues, I promised not to publish such personel details on my Blog. Miaow a cats word is it's bond!

Purrs Muffin-willow xxxx

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My Auntie Lizzie

Miaow all,

Feeling much better today, all homicidal thoughts gone (pity!) Got an email from my Auntie lizzie (Ian's younger spinster sister) she works for the UK department for sport lesuire and culture, wooo!!! does somthing with the National lottery, I suspect she is a w.c maintainence bod in reality. She sent me a nice picture of me, before the fire ( a long story, I'll cover that later)
Weather better today, managed to grab a couple of hours sleep between the humans gaudy display of pot plants on the patio.
Mice seen=0
Moths caught 3, yay!

Love and Purrs,

Muffin-Willow xxxx

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

PMS and furballs

Miaow all,
Just a quick post today, womens problems and furballs have confined me to the bed all day.

Love and Purrs


Monday, June 26, 2006

Dental floss problems

Miaow all,

What a boring day! damp outside, so have retired to the couch to survey my kingdom through the patio windows. Managed to find some wood lice to stalk, hardly a challenge for the greatest hunting machine nature ever created ( and no, they dont taste like chicken!) I have been asking for weeks for a gross of Gerbils to be set free in the house to entertain me on these damp days.
Humans both out at work, I should introduce them, Ian and Donna, they are both against Gerbils, maybe I should ask for Mice?
Usual trouble flossing my fangs today, you just cant buy it wide enough for my dental gaps, frankly I'm sick of using a house brick! If I had a private dental plan I could have Sabre Tooth Tiger Implants! yeah and dye my fur black and pass myself off as the Beast of Bodmin, cool!
Must dash, this small sunbeam cant be missed!



My first post!!!!

Miaow all, just a quick post, been out lazing in the sun all day, cant keep my eyes open. Went to bed at 12pm, NO plate of honey roast turkey from the humans, selfish so and so's!

Purrs and Sweet dreams all,